PRIVASIA Technology Berhad's (“PRIVASIA”) system is compliant with regulations that govern the protection of the whistleblower, confidentiality in the processing of the alert and data privacy.

Whistleblower Protection Act 2010

All whistleblowing reports will be treated as confidential. The Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 (“Act”) protects a person making disclosures of the listed concerns in both the public and private sector from any civil or criminal legal action. If you wish to make a report pursuant to the Act, you will have to make the said report to a whistleblowing enforcement agency. Any investigations and/or actions taken thereafter would be in accordance with the Act and are independent of the procedures described in this policy.

Strictly Private & Confidential

The channel will be directed to an independent director who will report directly to the members of the PRIVASIA’s Audit and Risk Committee (“the Committee”). The Committee shall assess the veracity of the report and decide on whether to investigate the claims in the report. Where relevant, the individual may be requested to submit evidences and documents. Any meetings arranged will be conducted discreetly and if necessary, off-site or out of the office premises.

Please provide the following details for any suspected serious misconduct or any breach or suspected breach of law or regulation that may adversely impact the Company. Please note that you may be called upon to assist in the investigation, if required.

    Whistleblower's Contact Information
    Suspect's Information
    Witness Information (if any)
    Details of Concerns
    File Size Max: 20MB | Format : JPG/PNG/PDF only