making a difference
since 2008.

We believe that great minds
create the greatest ideas.
And it’s those great ideas,
that makes us an unstoppable force.

For the past 15 years,
PRIVASIA has been home for:

The Movers & Shakers. 
The Challengers.
Magic makers. 
And the Idea Creators. 

We have always treasured the idea
of putting our people first, 
before building first-class products. 

When you first meet our team, you’ll realise that we all share the same ideals; 
We are...

Ambitious - Always thinking about the next big thing.
Problem-solvers - There’s always something to fix.
Competitive - The need to

Although the people of PRIVASIA come from diverse backgrounds, we all share one common trait:
The enduring desire to make a difference and propel our industry, and your business,
to the greatest heights of success. 

We strongly believe in businesses and initiatives that leave a positive impact
on our communities, our country, and our planet.

We’re always finding ways to ensure our legacy isn’t just based on success, but also on

We believe that every solution is designed for our partners’ business needs. 
And honestly, the boring old “client-vendor” relationship, doesn’t really work for us at PRIVASIA.

We always strive for something bigger and purposeful.

We build partnerships for the long term.
We like having skin in the game when it comes to building your business.
Because your success is what gives us a purposeful meaning, to what we do. 

We have the advantage of being able to combine the magic of creativity with the logic of technology.
And that has made us a disruptor across a wide range of key industry sectors.

From software solutions for ports; 
VSAT broadband and communications; 
digital procurement services;
and now and the years to come,
making our roads and hospitals more innovative.

Our passion is not to only grow businesses, 
but to be at the forefront of our nation’s push into the digital age, today and tomorrow.

We want more people and partners to join us on this journey. 
To take the next big step, together.

Because, a small idea today,
could change the way we see the world tomorrow.